Do you want to know how to choose suitably and the best lever door handles for your home door?

Or do you want to know what types of door levers are suitable for different rooms?

Also, do you want to know what lever-style door handles can match your room’s overall decoration?

If your answer is yes, then this is the perfect guide for you.

1609840076 How To Choose Lever Door Handle - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide


This ultimate guide covers everything you need to know about lever door handles.

First, I will show you what types of door levers handles are available and their features.

Then, I will let you know how to choose a suitable type, style, material, and surface finish for the lever door handle.

Before that, let us know what we mean by a lever door handle.

What is Lever Door Handle?

The lever door handle is a kind of door handle, and it has existed for at least 5000 years. Since its design has been developed, its mechanism, type, and design have been more advanced.

Under normal circumstances, lever door handles do not need to be purchased separately because all doors sold on the market will be equipped with door handles. Still, the lever door handle locks’ usage rate is exceptionally high, and it is easy to fall off and paint off.

The materials of door lever handles are classified into ceramic, solid wood, metal, glass, crystal, plastic, alloy, white porcelain, zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, and other materials.

The door lever handles can be used for front doors, interior doors, gatehouse doors, bedroom doors, garage doors, entrance doors, room doors, residential, office buildings, hotels, etc.

The lever handles that are electroplated and electrostatic sprayed are wear-resistant and anti-corrosive. In addition to matching the room decoration style, they should also be able to withstand greater tension.

Generally, the door lever handles should be able to withstand a pressure of more than 6 kg.

The Main Parts of a Lever Door Handle Lock

When we buy a lever door handle lock, the handle lock is indispensable. It is widely used in indoor doors. Its wide range of uses is one of the most abundant types of door locks.

However, as users, most of us only pay attention to the door lock’s brand and the door lock’s appearance, and they have minimal knowledge of the internal parts of the lever door handle locks.

We have a proper understanding of the lower lever door handle lock’s parts and composition, which helps choose good quality lever handle door locks and future use and maintenance.

The main parts of a lever door handle lock include the lever handle, bolt, latch assembly, spindle, cylinder, lock button, and key.

1609913987 The main parts of a lever door handle lock - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

In this section, let us just focus on the lever handle.

Lever Handle

Lever handle(exterior lever and interior lever), also known as the door handle, and materials include zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, log, ceramics, etc.

Now the commonly used lever handles on the market are made of zinc alloy. Due to its excellent plasticity, it can be designed into many Various shapes and colors.

You can also make some unique shapes on it, such as the KLC European-style carved locks on the market, the handle has exquisite European-style shapes, and the complicated patterns show the Middle Ages’ prosperity.

When choosing a door handle and the style that conforms to the design style and habits, you must also pay special attention to the handle surface’s electroplating process.

A fair electroplating process needs to go through an 8-layer polishing process and a 12-layer electroplating process to ensure its wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

If the electroplating process is not closed, the door lock will quickly become dim, and the surface will be spotted. The quality of the electroplating process and the material’s quality are the main signs that determine the door lock’s price.

What Types of Door Levers are Available?

There are different types of door handles. They vary according to how they are used and their appearance. Choosing a door handle seems easy. Although it is straightforward, there are some caveats that most people don’t know.

The practicality or aesthetic value of each door handle is unique, so you need to choose the right type.
The main types are as follows:

1. Lever Latch Door Handle

lever latch door handle is one of the simplest lever door handles. A simple latch keeps this type of door closed. The user can use the lever handle (hence the name) to release the latch and open the door.

1609914872 Lever Latch Door Handle - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

The door lever latch usually has an elongated handle, and pushing the handle down can operate the internal latch mechanism. Some door handles work based on this mechanism. Turning the door handle will have the same effect.

This lever latch handle is usually used in homes or offices. Due to the lever latch mechanism, there is typically no lock. This makes this type of door handle very suitable for interiors that do not require a locking mechanism. External locks can be installed.

Bolts and chain locks are usually installed together with lever locks to provide more privacy.

2. Keyed Lever Door Handles

8815SN ET 5 1 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

The keyed lever door handle has a locking and key mechanism on both sides to ensure safety.

The keyed entry door levers are used to enter the front door, patio door, garage door, or other exterior doors for some rooms with higher privacy of your home.

Some have a button inside. You can press this button to lock the door.

When you turn the internal lever, the button is unlocked. Other keyed entry lever handles have a twist mechanism on one side, which you can turn to lock or unlock the door.

The main feature of a lever door handle with a key lock is that it has a key lock cylinder outside the door, which can also be locked with a key.

Simultaneously, you can use the button on the inside of the door or turn the button to close or open the door.

3. Passage lever door handles

Passage lever door handles are similar to virtual door handles. They are not locked but are used to open doors and move between rooms.

Passage door levers are very suitable for hall doors, indoor corridors, closets, and other spaces that do not need to be locked but still require a valid door pole on the door. They are also called keyless entry door lever.

1609916182 Passage lever door handles 2 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

Sometimes, the channel joystick is used on the outer door, and a lock pin is installed on it.

In these cases, a simple locking mechanism that does not require a key but still provides privacy is advantageous.

4. Privacy lever door handle

Zinc Alloy Lever Entry Door Locks With Handle For Child Safety 8822SN ET 1 1 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

The twist-lock or button lock of the privacy lever door handle can only be used from one side. It is also called the one-sided door lever.

Some privacy door lever handles with push-button locks have a pinhole on the outer knob and a universal key to open the lock.

These door handles are usually used in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other rooms that require privacy but do not need a key lock.

These privacy lever locking door handle can indicate that the room is occupied, and they can be easily locked from the inside, thus providing security and privacy.

However, it can be unlocked from the outside with an item that fits the knob or handles slot.

These objects (such as coins) can be turned to activate the handle’s mechanism and open the door. This is useful if you have children who can lock themselves but need help.

5. Dummy lever door handleDummy Lever door handles Tiffancy - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

The dummy door lever handles are the simplest single-sided handles on the market.

They are usually installed on the door’s surface or behind the door, and some appear in pairs. So you can use them on double doors. These types of door handles do not have any locking parts.

Dummy door levers are suitable for the inside of closets or small kitchens and French doors.

How do you choose suitable lever door handle materials?

What is lever door handles made of?

Generally, the material used to make lever door handles can be divided into aluminum, stainless steel, copper die-casting, and zinc alloy. Space aluminum and stainless steel are advanced materials.

After surface processing, the luster is bright, and the hand feels soft. Although it is corroded by sweat and moisture, it is not easy to fade and rusty.

Whether you are building a new house, store, or refurbishing, the choice of doorknob material is a key factor in the finishing touch. Lever handles for doors come in many different shapes and forms to be customized according to preferences.

Not only that, but it can also be made of many different materials. With all these options on the market, deciding which material to use can be confusing, especially when you want everything to be perfect. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the most recommended door handle materials for you.

This is the best material list for door handles.

1. Stainless steel lever door handlesStainless Steel Door Lever With Turn Button Lock For Front Door 6431SS ET 4 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

Steel is usually made of iron, carbon, and other things. It is very durable.

This is an excellent choice for stainless steel lever handles because their durability makes them more challenging to break, thus providing a safety protection layer. Since there are many stainless steel door levers available there, it is also cost-effective.

However, not all steel is stainless steel, which means that very few steels are prone to corrosion and rust.

When buying steel lever door handles, please specifically request the use of stainless steel handles to ensure a long product life and avoid accidents. Besides, this is one of the most practical and durable options for door handle materials.

  • Advantage: Durable and Cost-effective
  • Disadvantages: Not all steel is stainless steel

2.Wooden lever door handles1609918104 wooden lever door handles - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

For many years, solid wood has been used as the primary building material. As far as it is used as a lever door handle, it has proven to be durable.

Besides, it is excellent in achieving design-neutral aesthetics. Various coatings can be used to make it more durable and seamless.

However, wooden door lever handles are not ideal for comfortable rooms or outdoor areas because water and humidity may affect their structural integrity.

The wooden lever handle is best used in the bedroom, kitchen door, or living room. Besides, this is also an excellent clothing door handle material because it can be carved into any shape and size you want and painted in any color.

But please note: Wooden material generally only can be used for dummy and passage lever handles.

  • Advantage: natural color, Easy to clean, and durable.
  • Disadvantages: Not suitable for use in humid places

3. Aluminum lever door handles1609918474 Aluminum lever door handles - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

Aluminum has a silver-white surface treatment, making it an excellent handle material for design. This is a common material choice for designer lever door handles.

Unlike some steels, the all-aluminum handle will not rust, which is why it is very suitable for outdoor use, because aluminum lever door handles can withstand changes in weather conditions.

However, the only disadvantage of this material is its price. Some may be very expensive, but when you consider the return, it is worth it in the end.

  • Advantage: Easy to maintain, durable, and Anti-rust.
  • Disadvantage: price.

4. glass lever door handles

When we look at the glass, we automatically feel its fragility. Many designers prefer to use this material for a lever door handle because it will make your space feel elegant and refined.1609918830 glass lever door handles - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

Since there are not many places where these glass door lever handles are used, it will also add a unique hint. However, since it is glass, it is prone to chipping and chipping. This is why this is only ideal for those who are willing to take extra precautions during use.

  • Advantage: unique design, Elegant effect
  • Disadvantages: Durability

5. Crystal door handle design

The glass lever door handles made of glass are different from the replicas in hand because the glass itself and the metal base and lower legs make them heavier. Many antique crystal lever handles are transparent, cut into six, eight, or twelve small or large sides, which look like a large diamond.

1609919589 crystal lever door handles - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

Some knob heads are flat, through which you can see a star or pin shape molded into the bottom of the lever. Others may look like small amber worm eyes or long-horned crystals. Compared with modern replicas, this crystal door lever handle looks like liquid, almost like water.

  • Advantage: Gorgeous visual effects, Easy to install
  • Disadvantage: Durability

Which lever door handle finishes are more popular?

Door handles come in many different finishes that can be used in conjunction with your room decoration or other details in your home. If you want to match your appliances or bathroom fixtures, please consider buying the same brand. To

1, Bronze lever door handles:

The color of antique bronze and polished bronze lever door handles will change over time. When the lever handle is manipulated, more colors will be displayed under the brown veneer. 

Antique lever door handles Tiffancy - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

2, Satin nickel lever door handles nickel:

Satin nickel (sometimes called brushed nickel) has a textured appearance.

1609920253 satin nickel lever door handles - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

Tiffancy offers optional satin nickel, brass, and chrome lever door handles for your different market requirements to help our customers win the preferences of different customers

3, Matte black lever door handles black:

This stylish, exquisite choice is very suitable for modern, simple, and other decorations.

The matte black door levers are specially used for commercial, modern, and contemporary lever door handles.

Zinc Alloy Tubular Child Proof Locks For Lever Handles 3201BN ET 1 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

4, Chrome lever door handles:

Polished chrome looks traditional but smooth enough to fit contemporary and modern interiors.

1609920466 chrome lever door handles - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

5, Brass lever door handles:

If you plan to use door levers, knobs or handles on the outer door to avoid losing luster, please look for polished brass finishes suitable for outdoor use. Polished brass looks great with modern and traditional designs.

Aluminum Alloy Front Door Lever Lock With Handle For Sliding Door 8805SN ET 3 1 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

6, Stainless steel lever handle:

Durable stainless steel will not rust, so it is very suitable for external use.

Stainless Steel Door Lever With Turn Button Lock For Front Door 6431SS ET 1 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

7, Copper lever door handles:

Elegant and stylish copper handles are considered to have antibacterial properties, which means they can help prevent the spread of certain microorganisms. Multi-faceted etching finishes will add more decorative details to your room.

1609920982 Copper lever door handles - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

What lever are door handle styles available?

1. Rustic lever door handle

Rustic lever door handle: The rustic lever handle has country charm and is very popular in modern farmhouse decoration and ranch-style design.

1609921518 rustic lever door handle - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

2. Classic lever door handles

Classic door handle: usually round or spherical, easy to grasp and twist. These simple, traditional knobs can be used in almost any home interior. This style is easy to find and replace when needed.

1609921509 classic lever door handles 2 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

3. Antique lever door handles

Antique door handle: The appearance of the antique handle is rather old. They add a retro touch to Art Deco, Victorian and traditional decorations.

1609921523 antique lever door handles - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

4. Modern lever door handles

Modern door handles have clean lines and smooth finishes, which are very suitable for modern or minimalist interior design.

1609921514 modern lever door handles - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

What’s the cost of lever door handles?

The average cost of a lever door handle is about 2$ per unit, the cheap lever door handles about is 1.5-3$, and the expensive one is about 10-20$.

The door lever handle lock price is affected by many aspects, such as brand, category, specification, market, etc.

Before choosing to buy a door lever, it is necessary to understand and compare in many aspects. 

Also, the price of a door lever handle is affected by different materials.

There are three lever-style doors in terms of styles: European style, Chinese style, and modern and simple. To match various furniture styles, the shape and color of the handle are more colorful and colorful.

Product safety is relatively good, often used for entrance doors, room doors. Residential, office buildings, hotels, etc., are all available. The handles with electroplating and electrostatic spray paint are wear-resistant and anti-corrosion.

In addition to matching the room decoration style, the lever handle should withstand a greater pulling force. Generally, the front door handle should withstand a pulling force of more than 6 kg.

Cost to replace the interior door levers

Interior lever door handles-list of pricing and installation costs:

1. It is expected that interior door levers’ prices will fluctuate between different companies-each companies’ operating expenses and expenses are different.

2. Try to get prices in early winter, and late fall-you should wait for the contractor’s off-season to get a substantial price discount.

3. Try to budget and add 7-15% to our calculator’s extra cost to install interior door lever handles.

4. Installing indoor lever door handles is not an easy task and will make your back pain. You may find it more cost-effective to hire a general contractor to perform the work for you.

The general contractor is always better than the novice in installing internal lever door handles. Therefore, without the extra cost of indoor levers, handle materials, shop around and ask neighbors if they can recommend someone.

Finally, how to choose Lever Door Handle?

When buying the right door hardware for your house, the choice you make will be a subtle but essential detail. There is so many lever door handle to choose from. How to choose a suitable lever handle for the entire home design scheme?

From matte black front door handle kits to polished chrome interior door handles, there are many styles and finishes to choose from. When selecting a surface finish for a door handle or door handle, the following points need to be kept in mind.

1. Choose according to the surface finish.

Choose a finish that blends with your overall design theme.

When choosing finishes for door hardware, the most important thing is to ensure that it is in harmony with the house’s overall design.

You might choose an indoor lever handle and other door hardware with bronze or polished chrome finishes that look perfect in a door hardware store, but when paired with your house elements, they don’t look appropriate.

With so many door lever handle finishes, it is easy to choose a finish without rethinking your interior design.

To make the right choice, please consider the rest of the house’s design elements and use these unique elements to coordinate indoor and outdoor door handles and handles. Remember to keep it simple.

From contemporary and traditional to rustic or industrial, many lever handle finishes can blend with your home’s design theme and architectural charm.

2. Choose according to function

When choosing lever door handles, consider the specific door function you want. These functions will vary according to your needs, including keyed lever handle, passage lever handle, privacy lever handle, and dummy lever handle.

The decoration of the door handles you choose for the entrance door is the most important because they are the first to be seen by guests. So for the entrance and front door, we suggest you use a keyed door lever handle.

We suggest you choose privacy door lever handles for the bedroom and bathroom or one side keyed lever handle. Also, a finish that matches your entry door hardware can complement your overall style.

For some hall rooms, indoor corridors, and other spaces that do not need to be locked but still require a valid lock function, we suggest you choose a passage lever door handle.

For some closets or small kitchens and French doors, you can just choose dummy lever handles.

However, you can choose unique finishes with bold or colorful elements that will vary from function to function and add unforgettable style and inspiration to your interior space.

The most important thing is to be consistent with your interior design theme, whether modern or traditional.

3. Choose according to the style

When choosing door lever handles, design and style are essential; aesthetic appeal is also necessary. You don’t want to have lever handle finishes that you don’t like.

If you like stylish door hardware with a modern appearance, matte black lever door handles, handle kits, door handles, fixing bolts, and other parts and accessories will be the ideal choice to match your style.

Every door hardware finish, from black and bronze to antique brass or satin nickel, has an aesthetic appeal that best matches your style.

Ask yourself if beauty affects you. Make your decision wisely, keeping in mind the design, style, and function of door handles and handles.

4. Choose according to the door

When choosing a lock, you must first select a lock that is consistent with the opening direction of your door. This will make it more convenient to open and close the door; secondly, pay attention to the door frame’s width.

Generally, the knob lock and the lever handle lock cannot be installed on the door less than 90mm.

For those with a frame width of 90mm or more and 100mm or less, you should choose a 60mm bolt for ordinary spherical locks;

For those with a thickness of 100mm or more, you can select a lock with a large cover that is 70mm bolt;

Besides, whether the thickness of the door matches the lock is also an important option.

How to remove a lever door handle?

When installing, repairing, or replacing the door lever handle, it is necessary to remove the lever door handle first.

Depending on the lever handle’s design and model, the disassembly steps will be slightly different, but all types can be successfully disassembled using essential household tools.

The levers and panels are usually installed with screws, spring-loaded mechanisms, or a combination of the two. First, you need to check the equipment and choose the right tool.

1, How to remove a lever door handle with a lock

Step 1: Check the levers and panels on both sides of the door, and find a single mounting screw on the lever shaft and two or more screws on the panel.

The screw head can be slotted (flat head), crosshead (cross), or hexagonal (Allen). If you cannot see the screws on the shaft, the plate, or both, see the next section.

Step 2: Use a screwdriver or hex wrench to turn counterclockwise to remove the shaft screw.

Step 3: Pull out the lever from the shaft.

Step 4: Use a screwdriver or hex wrench to turn counterclockwise to remove the panel screws.

Step 5: Grasp and pull out the panel along the axis. If it is difficult to remove the board by hand, insert a flat-head screwdriver under the board’s edge to contact the door surface and pries it out with slight pressure.

Step 6: If necessary, repeat this step to remove the lever and panel on the opposite side.

2. how to remove a lever door handle without screws

Step 1:  Check the lever shaft and find the slot or hole. Some models may have holes or slots on the inner edge of the panel directly below the shaft.

Step 2:  Insert an awl, nail, or small screwdriver into the slot or hole, push it inward, and at the same time pull the lever outward along the axis by hand to remove the lever. Please note that some lever components provide a unique tool for this.

Step 3: Check the panel and the panel at the edge of the door surface, and look for a narrow notch on one side of the base. Some models may not have gaps, but they can still be pried open.

Step 4: Insert a flat-head screwdriver, putty knife, or similar tool into the notch or under the panel’s edge and pry it out. The plate will be detached from the inner mounting ring and removed by pulling outward along the lever axis.

Step 5: If necessary, repeat this step for the opposite lever and panel.

Some lever shaft screws are reverse-threaded and are intended to be screwed into the shaft rather than usually drawn out. If you encounter difficulties when turning the screw counterclockwise without significant movement, a reverse threaded screw can be identified.

For this type of screw, the clockwise rotation will cause the screw to retract into the shaft. Continue to rotate clockwise until resistance is felt to fix the screw on the shaft and allow the lever to be pulled out of the shaft by hand.

If prying the panel with a screwdriver or other tool proves difficult, or if you are worried about damaging the door, place a pencil or rolled up rag under the tool pole. This will provide additional leverage to the tool and protect the door surface.

If it is difficult to rotate, do not tighten it forcefully. If necessary, apply a small amount of penetrating household oil (available from household goods or department stores, using a sprayer or dripper), let it penetrate for a few minutes, and then turn the screw again. Penetrating oil will loosen rust, dirt and provide thread lubrication for easy disassembly.

How to install a lever door handle?

Lever door handle installation

1, Carry outdoor measurement work before installation:

how to measure door handles?

  • There are three main sizes to take when measuring a door handle.
  • The first is the distance from the center of the handle to the center of the keyhole. This is sometimes called the Pz.
  • Next is the distance between the center of the top screw to the center of the bottom screw.
  • Finally, the length of the handle plate, top to bottom.

2. Install lever door handle

The door handle’s installation method is roughly the same as that of the door handle, but before installation, you must know whether you need the left or right-hand handle and the rear fork’s length.

Lever door handles installation instructions.

Step 1: Remove the screws securing the existing lever door handle in the door. The screws are usually located on the cover behind the handle. Some door handles have hidden screws.

1609926616 how to install door knobs levers 2 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

To obtain the hidden screws, insert a flat-blade, flat-head screwdriver into the small slot on the door handle shaft between the handle and the plate. Pull the handle from the shaft, and then pull the cover off the shaft.

Step 2. Pull out both sides of the door handle from the door. Remove the two screws from the latch plate on the edge of the door. Pull out the latch assembly from the door.

1609926607 how to install door knobs levers 1 300x300 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

Step 3. Measure the distance from the door’s edge to the center of the door handle opening. This allows reverse measurement. The offset measurement tells you the length of the latch required to install the door.

1609926620 how to install door knobs levers 3 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

Some door handles have adjustable latches to fit almost all doors, while other door handles have fixed latches. The manufacturer will provide this information on the packaging.

Step 4. Standing outside the door of the room. For example, if you want to install a bathroom or bedroom door handle, stand outside the room and close the door. Find the hinge of the door, and then select a handle so that the handle points toward the hinge.

1609926625 how to install door knobs levers 4 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

If the hinge is on your right, you need a right-hand joystick. If the hinge is on your left, you need a left-hand joystick. For left-hand or right-hand installation, some door handles are reversible. Check the door handle packaging for this information.

Step 5. Insert the latch in the door handle into the latch hole on the door. Make sure that the tilt of the latch faces the way the door closes. If necessary, make sure to adjust the latch to suit the reverse measurement. This usually only requires pulling the back of the latch to extend the length.

1609926630 how to install door knobs levers 5 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

Step 6, Place the two machine screws provided with the door post into the latch plate. Tighten the screws on the latch plate to secure the latch in the door.

1609926637 how to install door knobs levers 6 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

Step 7. Install the inside of the door, handle into the door handle hole, and through the opening in the latch. The door handle’s inner side is in its center, and the center spindle and two studs for fixing the door handle screws are equipped with thumb locks.

Step 8. Insert the outside of the door handle into the door. The main shaft from the inside of the lever is inserted into the outside of the lever.

1609926642 how to install door knobs levers 7 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide

Step 9, Align the screw holes on the outer cover with the studs connected to the inner handle, pass the screws provided with the doorpost through the surface and insert them into the threaded posts. Tighten the screws to fix the new door pole to the door.

1609926646 how to install door knobs levers 8 - How To Choose Lever Door Handle?The Complete Guide