Door knob measurements

How to measure door knob size? Before you prepare to select and install door knobs, you first need to accurately measure the door on which you will install the lock carefully. To avoid problems such as inability to install and mismatch, The specific contents to be measured include: measure the drilling hole of the door knob, measure door knob backset size, and measure door thickness.

1, Measure the drilling hole of door knob

how to measure the door knob hole? You need to know the diameter of the drill hole to obtain the correct size of the knob to install the door knob correctly. Measure at the widest point of the circular hole on the door that is the distance from the bottom of the hole to the top of the hole that is the diameter door knob hole.

Measure the drilling hole of door knob - How To Choose Door Knobs for Your Home?Precise Advice Guide

Measure the drilling hole of door knob

2. How to measure door knob backset?

The backset size of door knob is the distance between your borehole and the door’s edge.

Place your measuring tape on the center of the hole and pull it till you hit the door’s edge.

measure door knob backset - How To Choose Door Knobs for Your Home?Precise Advice Guide

Measure door knob backset

3. Measure the door thickness

The thickness of the door refers to the distance from the left edge to the right edge of the door. The thickness of the inner door is usually about 1 3/8 inches (3.5 cm). The outer door is often about 1 3/4 inches (5 cm) thick.  

Measure the door thickness - How To Choose Door Knobs for Your Home?Precise Advice Guide

Measure the door thickness

After measuring and recording the data required to install the door knob correctly, it is time to choose the appropriate door knobs. There are many types of door knobs on the market today. In so many classification situations, we must also consider the conditions of practicability and aesthetics, but no matter what form, what to Consider when Choosing a door knob? the primary considerations are the following:

Door knob function

According to the door knob functions, the door knobs can be divided into keyed entry door knob for security doors, passage door knob for corridors and utility rooms, Privacy Door Knobs for bathroom and bedroom, Dummy Door Knobs for closets and cabinet doors

1. Keyed entry door knob

Keyed enter door knob lock is a kind of security door knob. It can always be locked from both the inside and the outside for safety and security.

In most cases, the inside of the key lock door knob is usually closed or opened with a turn or twist used to close the door, while a key must unlock the outside knob.

Keyed Door Knobs - How To Choose Door Knobs for Your Home?Precise Advice Guide

Tiffanthy Keyed entry door knobs

This keyed entry knob lock is often used at home entrances, including front doors, patio doors, and gates. It can also be used in other rooms in the home to protect home security and property security, such as a study room

The main types of keyed entry knob include double cylinder door knob and single door knob lock.

Generally, to keep your door safe enough, you will need an additional deadbolt lock. Exterior door knobs with deadbolt combo packs will offer much more safety

2. Passage Door Knobs

A passage door knob handle is a handle without lock function. It has a button or twists on both sides of the knob for a simple door opening, which is convenient for personnel to move from one room to another room.

Passage Door Knobs - How To Choose Door Knobs for Your Home?Precise Advice Guide

Tiffanthy Passage Door Knobs

The passage door knobs are suitable for door locks in the kitchen, hall, living room, dining room, and children’s room.

3. Privacy door knobs

Privacy door knobs handles are a kind of interior lockset. The main feature is it includes a twist, push pin, or turn button to open or lock the door from inside, but the other side no key device on the outside knob to open the door. The main goal of a privacy knob is to prevent outside access.

Privacy Door Knobs - How To Choose Door Knobs for Your Home?Precise Advice Guide

Tiffanthy Privacy door knobs

In an emergency, privacy door knobs handles can be unlocked from the outside with a small pin or emergency key. Privacy door knobs can be applied to the bedroom, bathrooms, toilets, and any other rooms that ask for a little privacy.

The main types include: turn-lock doorknob, twist-lock door knob, and button lock door knob

4. Dummy Door Knobs

Dummy Door Knob handle is a door handle for decoration only. There are no locks and keys, nor twist and latch on both sides of the knob, and the door can be opened with a simple push-pull action.

Dummy Door Knobs - How To Choose Door Knobs for Your Home?Precise Advice Guide

Dummy knobs are often used for closets and cabinets.

Door knob styles and finish

Different styles of door knob lock to match the overall design style of the house. Such as providing specific modern door knobs with locks to install in modern design style houses, and providing antique and old fashioned door knobs and locks to install in antique style buildings. 

In most cases, the surface finishes of the door knob determine the style of the door knobs. The commonly used surface finishes are as follows: Stain, Chrome, Bronze and brass.

1. Satin, and Chrome finishes door knobs

Satin nickel surfaces are intense, with a soft luster, making stain door knobs suitable for contemporary homes.

Bright chrome, as well as stainless steel, are incredibly sleek as well as perfect for modern-day or vintage decorations. Satin chrome, on the other hand, is a much more textured finish, with a duller color fit to standard layouts.

Satin nickel and bright chrome door knobs - How To Choose Door Knobs for Your Home?Precise Advice Guide

2. Bronze door knobs

Satin bronze doorknobs provide the real, rich charm of bronze, and also blend well with timber floorings as well as for trim.

They are suitable for both standard and modern decor, with a deeper color that is more black with red touches than bronze. When you intend to include appearance to your space as well as a dark color, oil-rubbed bronze might be a great option.

Satin bronze and aged bronze doorknobs - How To Choose Door Knobs for Your Home?Precise Advice Guide

3. Brass door knobs

Brass-colored doorknobs are a conventional choice, treasured for their effectiveness in virtually any kind of area. Bright brass handles add additional sparkle as well as radiate to modern-day decorations with their highly refined yellow-gold coating. Vintage brass doorknobs have a slightly darker shade and also weathered finish that is excellent for standard setups.

Door knob materials

The doo knob materials on the market are divided into stainless steel, copper, and zinc alloys.

  • Stainless steel has high strength and strong corrosion resistance. It is an excellent lock-making material;
  • copper is more versatile, has superior mechanical properties, and is more expensive;
  • high-quality zinc alloy is durable and wear-resistant, has strong corrosion resistance, and is easy to form. Mid-range lock.

The material of the door knob must be moderate, firm, and reliable when touched. Don’t choose a variety of locks made of cheap and inferior materials.

The primary materials of the door knob panel and the handle are zinc alloy, aluminum, precision cast stainless steel, plate stainless steel, precision cast copper, and calcined copper.

The surface finishes of the panel and the handle mainly include polishing, sandblasting, wire drawing, chrome plating, copper, light gold, PVD, etc.

The primary materials of the lock body are outer box cold-rolled iron plate or stainless steel, lock tongue stainless steel or copper, and other parts zinc alloy or iron. There are also all stainless steel lock bodies. Most lock cores are currently made of copper.

Door knobs suppliers

You should consider a door knob supplier with high credibility, stable quality, and excellent after-sales service. A good door knob company provides not only high-quality door knobs, but also provides detailed and reliable installation services, after-sales service, and technical guidance. At the same time, after receiving the goods, you should also pay attention to the following aspects:

First, check whether the product packaging signs are complete. Including product implementation standards, grades, production company name, address, and production date. Whether the packaging is firm, whether the contents of the instructions are consistent with the product, and be careful not to exaggerate and not conform to the facts.

Observe the appearance quality of the product, including the completeness of the lock, lock body, tongue, handle and cladding parts and related supporting parts, whether the surface color of the electroplated parts and painted pieces are bright and uniform, and whether there are signs of rust, oxidation, and damage.

Door knob cost

You must consider all of the above factors before deciding the cost of your ball lock purchase.

If you are a builder, developer, or owner, then you need to make a budget for the door first, and then consider the budget for the door lock.

However, if you are considering buying a door handle now, you also need to consider the frequency of use

For most rooms in your home, you use it hundreds of times per month, so in the long run, choosing the cheap option (because it can now save you money) is unlikely. And you also have to consider the comfort of the door handle

It is also essential to think that if you spend a lot of money on brand-name doors, then you do not want to install weak quality door handles, because this will reduce the appearance and feel of the door.